• Natalie Poyser

Breathing for confidence

We all know the importance of breathing. We do it all the time, but unless you are a singer, musician or actor do we ever learn to breathe properly?

Did you know that improving your breathing can improve your communication, confidence, even how you influence other people? It can also significantly reduce your stress levels, which can make a real difference during heightened situations.

We are becoming more and more aware of belly breathing thanks to a growing awareness of meditation. Recent studies have suggested that it is indeed possible to improve your mood and even create physiological changes to things like your blood pressure by simply altering your breathing. But can it improve your confidence and your communication?

It absolutely can!

Here are a few tips to improve your breathing

It may sound strange but practice belly breathing at home. You can do this lying on the floor or on your bed:

  1. Place your hand on your diaphragm and breathe in slowly for three counts,

  2. Pause for one count,

  3. Then slowly breathe out for a count of four.

You will notice your diaphragm rising on your inhale and deflating on your exhale. This feels quite different to breathing from your chest, which is actually quite a shallow breath even though your rib cage might seem to expand more. The more you practice the better you will become.

Picture yourself in one of your favourite, most relaxing places to take the relaxation deeper!

As you become more in tune with your breathing you will start to notice how you are breathing throughout the day. If you find yourself in a heightened situation, before an important meeting, presentation or team talk, take some slow deep belly breaths; you will feel calmer, more in control and it will allow you to communicate much more effectively.

It sounds so simple and almost too easy, and yet many of us don't do it properly. Get started now, you will feel the difference.

If you're interested in gaining complete confidence in the way you communicate, get in touch for some personalised one to one sessions.